A Guide to Fishing in Florida

Dayvee chills on a boat in the Everglades

When it comes to bass fishing one of the top places in the U.S. is Florida.

Let’s begin this Florida fishing guide by revealing a bit about the best time to visit Florida. If you are looking for largemouth bass, spring, fall or winter is a good choice. The spring spawning runs, which are from late January until March, are ideal for white bass anglers. Plus, this is a good time to rent a boat in Miami and experience the luxury of the area. You can even combine the two in one - fishing and boating. 

Now what bait should you use to make sure your trip is a successful one? Jigging spoons and rattle traps are great for catching white bass. You may also want to opt for live bait, with minnows being a popular choice. 

When it comes to largemouth bass you also have several different options at your disposal. It is advisable to tailor your choice of bait to the time of day and the area of the lake you are using. For example, if you are situated along rocky shorelines, drop-offs and points, it’s good to use crankbaits. In terms of time of day, during the early morning and the late evening it’s advisable to use one of the following three options – spinner baits, buzzbaits or topwater baits. You should turn to plastics, like grubs or rigged worms, for the most effective option once it turns to midday. 


Largemouth bass is undoubtedly the main reason why most anglers are attracted to Florida fishing. There are different species that exist in Florida, including the Florida largemouth bass and the native Micropterus Salmoides. There are also great tournaments going on around Florida, which you may want to consider joining. 

One top tip for any tournament here is to plan ahead; otherwise you could end up wasting your entire experience. This is an area that gets a lot of wind and thus the weather can really have an impact on the day’s fishing. If you don’t check the forecast you could end up jeopardizing your chances, so make sure you have a back up pain. 

All in all, if you are looking for a thrilling fishing experience, Florida is certainly one of the best places to consider.

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