Five Home Improvements That You Can D-I-Y

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Improving your home is something that everyone wants to do but may not always have the talent or skills to do so. However, there are plenty of home improvements that you can still with just a basic bit of D-I-Y under your belt. Being able to make the improvements yourself can save you spending lots of hard earned cash. Here are five home improvements that you can D-I-Y.

Get Crafty With Paint Or Wallpaper

Depending on your preference (and the amount of time you have to spare), simply touching up your walls with a fresh coat of paint or creating a feature wall with wallpaper can really help transform your room. It doesn’t cost a bunch, but it can make a big difference to how you now see the space. When it comes to painting and putting up wallpaper, you want to do both on a fairly warm day so that you are able to air it out by opening the windows. It’s more important when it comes to paint, that the windows are open otherwise the fumes can be very dangerous to breathe in for you and your household.

Did you know that it's recommended that touch ups with paint should be done to your property on an annual basis or maybe more occasionally if you have young children that are bumping and scuffing the walls? If you’re not sure what color paint you need, just pop to your local paint shop and show them a picture of the wall. They’ll be able to match the paint or custom make it to fit it if they don’t have an already pre-made color. 

Fix & Reupholster Furniture

We all try to buy furniture that will last for as long as possible. However, over the years, general wear and tear is likely to happen. And whether it’s a sofa that’s lost its bounce or a chair that’s frayed around the edges, anyone can teach themselves on fixing broken furniture or if you want a challenge, reupholster it. When it comes to fixing furniture, you want to make sure you have plenty of useful tools in your toolbox. The best dowel jig is a great tool when working with wood and can help strengthen joints in the wood, better than screws and nails can. This would be handy if reassembling or fixing broken parts in a sofa or dining room table.

Reupholstering is a little bit more complex but still doable with plenty of practice. Make sure you’re reupholstering quality pieces of furniture because poorer quality will make the whole process more difficult. You can follow these instructions when it comes to the actual reupholstering, and if successful, there’s nothing like standing back and seeing all your hard work actually result in something.

Regrout Your Bathroom And Kitchen Tiles

Your bathroom might not be the oldest, but it can certainly look it with bad grout. Grouting is what binds the tiles together and to make them look clean and presentable. But after a few years of constant showers and baths, grout can yellow, become stained or develop mould. Regrouting is something that you can easily do yourself with a bit of DIY knowledge. It’s a two-step process where it simply is to remove the old grout. You can get the suitable tools to effectively remove the grout without causing any damage to the tiles themselves. After removing the old grout, you mix the new grout up and apply this liberally to the tiles in the gaps in between. With a rubber float, you can further pack the new grout in. Remove the excess that’s on any tiles and allow to set.

Depending on the scale of your tiles and how many there are, this can take a couple of hours from start to finish.

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Style Your Staircase

Have a drab looking staircase that needs some attention? Well if you strip back the carpet and clean up the wood underneath, you could apply carpet runners to your staircase. These are a stylish way to show off your staircase, and it’s pretty easy to do yourself. Other useful tips for styling your staircase is to use wallpaper or stencils, which you can then change every so often. Light up the path to bed with some LED lights underneath each step or replace a standard looking bannister with something unique like glass or wood crafted into a tree’s branches. Owning a home becomes a great way of expressing yourself and your personality.

Repurpose Old Wood Into Floating Shelves

For a more rustic style of home improvement, many households are opting to repurpose old pieces of wood to make them into floating shelves. Regardless of the type of wood, it can be easy to wash, sand down, shape, and varnish a piece of wood. Floating shelves are definitely a DIY dream and are very popular in being a stylish way to keep messy off the ground and up in the air and out of the way. For brackets, old piping looks great underneath which again can be sand and repainted to look brand new. It’s also cheaper and more rewarding to make some floating shelving for yourself than to buy it. It’ll be unique and you’ll be the only one to have that style.

Hopefully, you’ll have a new and improved home this summer after following these DIY tips.

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