Reasons To See Jersey Boys, the Musical
‘Jersey Boys’ are on stage in New York City! So, now is the time to snap up your Jersey Boys tickets. If you are still unsure about whether to see the musical or not, then the following reasons will definitely persuade you that going to see it is the right choice.

It’s a popular show that you can actually go to

You can go to NYC Show tickets to get some for the experience. "Jersey Boys" is one of the biggest stage hits of all time. It has been playing to packed houses and receiving worldwide standing ovations since its release over a decade ago. Despite its massive popularity, it’s not too difficult to get tickets as long as you plan ahead.

Fantastic music

Prepare to sing-along. You’ll love the music; with songs like ‘Can’t Take My Eyes Off You’, ‘Sherry’ and ‘Bye-bye Baby (Baby Goodbye)’ you'll feel the nostalgia of the show. The music of the Four Seasons was topping the charts during the early sixties and still enjoys radio play today.

A great plot

The story has an interesting plot as it is based on the true story of the New Jersey band ‘The Four Seasons’ - a great rock and roll story. The guys didn’t do all that well at first, but they persevered, and eventually topped the charts for a long time. 

Something for Everybody to Enjoy

You can turn it into an event for the family. There’s something special about going to a live show together with your loved ones. Nevertheless, it’s also a chance to romance someone too. Take that special someone to see ‘Jersey Boys’. Treat them to dinner at a chic restaurant beforehand and then take them to see the show.

No Shortage of Musical Talent

See some great musical talent: The stars of Jersey Boys have become stars in their own right. When you see the talent they posses this won’t surprise you. Audiences all over the world cheer them as they would any rock star. If you appreciate perfectly performed music, no matter what the genre, you’ll thoroughly enjoy ‘Jersey Boys’.

It’s affordable

Although going to a New York show sounds like an expensive activity, you can get great reductions on tickets if you book in advance and shop around a little. Block bookings for groups also command a better price, so if you and your friends go in together you can get an excellent price on good seats.

This is a collaborative post was made in partnership with Sarah McDonaugh.


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