Tips for an Awesome and Comfortable Roadtrip in a RV

A RV (recreational vehicle) or campervan trip is a fantastic way to see more of the world

If you spend most of your time sitting behind a desk, there’s nothing better than getting out onto the open road. An RV is the best way to do it. You’ve always got somewhere safe to sleep, you can get up and go whenever you want, and you have a chance to become part of a fantastic, global community. When I was growing up, my father would take me and my siblings across the country from Los Angeles to Boston in a RV. Each time we took a different route. It's what I can say sparked my love for travel and exploring.

Getting away in a RV is freeing. You’ll immediately feel more relaxed, happy and ready for adventure. But, road trips aren’t always comfortable. So, whether you are about to head off on your first open road adventure, or you are a seasoned traveler, here are some tips to make your next campervan trip as comfortable as possible. 

Get the Right Van
All RV's aren’t all equal. Some are luxurious, spacious and comfy. Others are small, cramped and creaky. Backpackers and tourists might be happy with whatever they can get. But, if you want to travel in comfort, you have to find the right van. Campervan hire can make an excellent alternative to buying. 

Research where you will park
There’s something incredibly exciting about heading out without a real plan. Just driving wherever the mood takes you. But, it may be helpful to know where you may be spending your nights. Taking time to know where the RV stops and parks are along your projected route can ease any anxiety you may have on where you can load up on water, fuel, and electricity.

Plan Regular Stops
Sitting in any vehicle for hours at a time can be uncomfortable, and even tourists driving to one place often find that the first day of their vacation is spent recovering from the aches and pains of the journey. So, plan regular rest stops. When we took the road trips with my dad, making regular stops was a big challenge for him. We as kids would grow weary of just staring out at the open road, taking cat naps in the back of the RV or playing our card and video games. Instead of just plugging through to your destination, check your map and mark stops for even the quirkiest places to stop and explore. Even if there appears to be nothing around, stop, stretch your legs and get a break whenever you need to. 

Pack Some Home Comforts
Your van may be small, but that shouldn’t stop you taking some home luxuries to keep you comfy. Your own pillows, favorite slippers, blankets and other comforts can help you to feel more settled, especially on long-haul trips.

Practice Driving
Driving a RV isn’t the same as driving a car. So if it’s not something that you do often, practice driving a little before you tackle a big trip. It will give you more confidence, especially if you are carrying other passengers.

Take the Right Companion
Even large RV's can feel small, especially when traveling with the same person for many days. If you are heading off on a long trip, make sure you are with people who make you feel comfortable. 

Don’t Overpack
This is a general tip for traveling, anyway. Did you know that experts estimate that most people on use about 20% of what they pack on vacations? Overpacking takes extra room and weight - Yes, even in a van. Really think in advance about the activities you will be doing, and only pack what you need.

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