5 Things You Need To Think About Before You Get Engaged

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It's the start of your biggest adventure. 

That is what it feels like when you and your significant other finally make the decision to get engaged. But, before you go one step further there are some pretty important things that you need to think about and discuss. 

Do we want kids?
It's really not a good idea to consider getting engaged if you have not carefully thought through whether you want to have a family or not. It's not that you have to start right away; it's just pretty crucial that you and your significant other agree on a life strategy. If you don't talk about it now, it could be something that will come up later and potentially destabilize the relationship. 

The choice to be parents or to remain childfree, or even to go through IVF can be a deal-breaker in a marriage. 

How much to spend on the wedding

Money can also be an issue of contention and a major cause for divorce. In fact, economic issues can begin before you have tied the knot because weddings can  cost a small fortune. That is why it is well worth the effort to speak with your wedding planner about the wedding budget. Even before you get engaged!

Setting a realistic budget for your nuptials beforehand can really make the entire process of being engaged and planning a wedding a lot less stressful.

How you will announce your betrothal
For some people, how they announce that they are getting married is almost as important as the engagement themselves. This means that a quick snap plastered all over social media, or letting one family know before another could cause problems and potentially ruin this experience.

To that end, planning how to announce your engagement is something you should also think about. Just like with the other areas mentioned, it's about working together as a team. Yes, you may start with differing opinions, but the ability to negotiate and compromise on this issue will be a good test for how you will sort out conflicts in your upcoming life together. 

What type of ring you want 
It's also a smart idea to know what kind of engagement ring you would like before you decide to get betrothed. Many couples now choose the ring together, something that ensures the woman receives the style she wants, and the guy gets it right, first time.

Of course, to help you make your decisions, it can be useful to find out the latest engagement ring trends, and discuss them with your wedding planner. Then you will both be on the same page regarding style, color, stone, and cost.

When and where you want to get married 
Finally, talk about when and where you will have your ceremony and reception...before you even get engaged. It's a fun exercise to daydream with your partner while you are discussing the possibility of a life together. Where you will get married will also help you understand the differences and similarities between your taste and your partners. Do you prefer a destination beach wedding and they prefer a traditional church wedding? Knowing this in advance will help the wedding planning go smoother once you are engaged. 

Remember that while it can be tempting to have a short engagement and just get on with things as quickly as possible, it isn't always the best idea. A quick wedding can cause a lot of personal stress and strain on your relationship, which isn't a good start to a marriage. A long engagement can leave you feeling discouraged and let doubt of your partner's devotion to you creep in. 

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