How To Save Your Blog From Hackers

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It’s not uncommon to hear story after story about website hacks. Whether it is from security fraud or the whole platform being compromised, it definitely may lead you to wonder how you can make sure that your blog is safe.

If you're someone who uses their blog as an income and a way to fund traveling then you have no time for it to go down or be compromised. That can cost you big bucks! Experts say that just having a good hosting space isn't good enough. Did you know that even a one-off advertisement could potentially lead to problems with security. This is why more people are starting to use an identity verification service when dealing with users of their websites. 

You may never find the answer to solving all security issues, because the technology is forever changing. But putting preventative measures in place is the best thing you can do to give your bog a fighting chance. 

Some of the areas you should consider include: 

Create A Back-Up
This is one of the most advisable and best things that you can do to help protect your blog and all the work you have put into it. Having a back-up is much like having an insurance policy. They may be fiddly and time-consuming to set up, but you will be forever grateful if disaster did happen. Not only do back-ups defend from security breaches such as hacking, but they also protect you from situations such as deleted posts or re-written content. If you're using Wordpress, then plugins directly to your website make the back-up process easy.

Think About Your Password
If someone gets hold of your password that isn’t supposed to have it they can lock you out of your blog entirely. They could even redirect it or worst delete it altogether. A disaster! When dealing with a password you should make sure it’s not obvious, change it at least every three months and never share it with anyone. If you don't do anything else, at least make sure it’s something different to those that you use for other accounts such as your email. Hackers are aware that people tend to use the same password for other accounts, so the chance is if they’ve gained access to one account they will try your other accounts, too. 

Be Careful When Using Wifi
It is likely that you’re always going to be connected to Wifi somewhere in order to complete your work. It’s readily available even when you’re staying in a hotel or going for coffee, but do you really know who is behind each and every network? And is it secure? You can put measures into place when you're at home, however when you’re out and about you lose this control and therefore need to be more vigilant. One of the best defenses is to use encryption. If you don’t already have this enabled on your blog then it’s time to get it sorted. And signing up for a VPN service could be your answer. Also, consider buying your own hotspot, which can be a cheap as $50.

Do you have any tips on how to keep a blog secure? Please share them in the comments area below. 

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