8 Tips For Staying Safe While Solo On Your Trip

Solo traveling can be quite liberating.

Initially, it takes courage to travel solo, as you literally only have yourself to rely on when you're out in the world. It can be quite daunting to be away from your family, friends, and hometown. To prevent getting in any tricky situations while you're on holiday, some serious pre-planning is needed. Regardless of your age or gender, safety should always be at the top of your priority list. Here are a few tips that you may want to consider following for your first or next trip alone.

Research Your Destination

Whether you're traveling to one place or five different destinations in a row, make sure you research each area and whether it’s safe to stay in Mexico, Cuba, or Egypt. Check if particular areas are better with a group or if it suitable to go there alone. The last thing you want to do is blindly book a hotel online just because it's cost-effective. You may end up in a scary part of the world and the experience will not be enjoyable. Don't be afraid to use trusted sites like Trip Advisor to scout accommodations and get up-to-date advice from travelers of what places to go to and avoid.

Look Up The Travel Links

When choosing where it's safe to stay, you will also need to figure out how you will get to and from your accommodation whether you are in jual rumah or Cape Town. Is your location accessible by public transport or will you need a taxi? If so, find out how much and include that in your budget. Also, knowing the average cost upfront will prevent you from being ripped off in a different country. 

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Go Out During The Day In Public
It's advised that if you do decide to go out, try and get your sightseeing, walks, and activities completed during the day. As with any destination, nighttime can be an uncertain time, so to keep safe, pair daylight with public places to ensure there are plenty of people around you and that you're never alone.

Tell People Where You're Heading

Now that you know where you are going and how you will travel, let your parents and close friends know. Check in with your closest friends as to when you arrive at your accommodation, and whether or not your travel plans have changed. Make sure you give them the details of the places you'll be staying, just in case they need to urgently track you down.

Book Travel Insurance

Whenever you go away, make sure you book ample insurance to cover any incidents that could happen on your trip. The cost of paying for medical bills abroad can be expensive, depending on where you travel to. And so ensure that your insurance covers you for each destination you fly to. To prevent a hefty bill or being stuck in a bad situation without access to some much-needed healthcare.

Blend Into The Crowd

As with the suggestion above, you mustn't wear anything garish or clothes that quickly show you're a traveler on your solo trip. Otherwise, you may be seen as an easy target for potential criminals. Take note of what the locals are wearing, for instance, in Dubai, you are required to cover your entire body with clothes regardless of the weather. 

Make Copies Of Everything Important

For all of your travel documents, passport, and itinerary, make a digital copy and paper copies to carry with you. But also, send a copy to your parents or friends as a back up.

Use Your Intuition

Your gut instinct tells you a lot about whether you feel uncomfortable in a situation. Whether attending a carnival or simply sightseeing. If something doesn't quite feel right, simply leave. 

Creating a travel plan to follow and using the tips above to keep you safe along the way will actually make your trip abroad more enjoyable and less stressful. 

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