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We hear all the time, that parenting isn’t an easy task, and trying to keep children happy, safe, and healthy when they are doing their best to rebel against this, pretty much from day one, is exhausting at times. But we mustn’t forget to enjoy our children while they are young. Reading some parenting books and listening to loved one's experiences, can give you some insight into how you choose to parent your kids. Here of our favorite practical ideas.

Stay calm
Because we care so much about our children, and are so heavily invested in their futures, we can sometimes get overly anxious and stressed about the things we do for them and with them. When you’re rushing around on a Monday morning, trying to find the uniform that they have hidden the night before. Or when you’re trying to get them to eat, and they just refuse, it can feel like the end of the world. But, before you start googling “how to spot signs of a dsyfunctional family” give yourself some credit, for calmly dealing with the situations parenting throws at you. There are so many scenarios that will test your resolve. But at the end of the day, staying calm is always the best plan.

Encourage independence
It’s much easier to do everything for your children when they are small, and to keep doing it for as long as they need. But over time this doesn’t help their independence. Independence gives children a dose of confidence that they can’t get anywhere else. Of course, we don’t mean let them cook a three-course meal at the age of two. But giving them the option to be able to get their own snacks, help clean dishes, and at least keep their bedroom floor tidy, can be started at a young age. Then continue to build responsibilities or chores until they are ready to leave home.

Do you
Ultimately parenting styles, and opinions differ massively, and of course, if everybody were the same the world would be a boring place, so you must learn what works for you and your child, and just do the best that you can. You may find that there are plenty of opinions flying your way, and everybody tries to help new parents with their own experiences, but stick to your gut instincts and don’t allow others to upset you along the way.

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