Germany Is Leading The World With Renewable Energy

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The need to cut emissions across the world to prevent further environmental damage has never been more important.
With the recent news articles, of the horrific and widespread fires in Australia, most likely caused by the changes in the weather and environment, there is a huge need to aggressively tackling global warming before the problem becomes uncontrollable. Not taking care of the planet is causing problems for plants and animals. And many people forget that we are not only animals ourselves, but are a part of planet Earth. When our plants and trees are starved of oxygen and die, it effects the rest of the world’s air quality and this has been seen recently with the fires and damages in the Amazon. Some countries are taking the issues a little more seriously than others and tackling it head on with some innovative and exciting new ideas to cut emissions and use green renewable energy that is safer and more sustainable.

One such country is Germany which has started to cut out usage of certain unsustainable materials that can be damaging to our planet. It all began with their replacement of coal and they now use renewable sources of energy across the board since 2018. Around 40% of Germany's electricity produced by solar, wind, biomass and hydroelectric energy. Sweden and Switzerland have also begun in the same vain. These renewable energy sources are also profitable for Germany in the long run because there is less payout to other countries for the materials they currently use to power the country and it could bring thousands of new jobs to the country as a new industry. Solar power generation rose by 16 percent, wind power rose by 5.4 percent, and biomass by 0.2 percent. These methods are key in maintaining a healthy energy system across Europe. 

Germany also has started to bring laws into the forefront that help secure and protect some of its urban areas. Germany is full of beautiful countryside, and these areas had been previously exposed to harmful emissions caused by cars from travelers and residents alike. Germany has begun to create zones that help protect the areas, known as the the German "umweltzones". They are like tolls and you will need a permit to travel through. Cutting down on emissions is another way that Germany hopes to help the environment.

Photo: Pixabay

While Germany hopes to set a good example across Europe for beginning renewable energy systems, it may not be an easy move for countries with a less booming economy; countries in the east of Europe may struggle to catch up but Germany certainly has some mindblowingly innovative ideas that they would like to see come in to motion. Their ideas are rooted within the idea of switching all their power to renewable energy, but this would take time and money and could be another decade before this could be a possibility. As with any major plan there are always going to be some drawbacks. The European’s commission recently assessed the country, which found Germany to be at “considerable risk” of missing its target for 2020. They had a national energy efficiency target of 20%. As 2020 begins, Germany still believes it is on target for at least a target of 18% but only time will tell if this goal is met this year. There has been a huge amount of concern brewing in terms of the continuation of the renewable energy which is mostly due to the difficulties in attaining the licensing of onshore wind power turbines. There has been a lack of new installations in recent months despite the country already using a very large number across the nation. It has also become a difficulty to install the turbines in certain residential areas, with certain neighborhoods complaining about the process that goes along with its installation and movement.

So will this affect the way that Germany continues it's sustainability efforts? A survey from 2018 showed that there were 196,750 electric cars registered in Germany over the space of eight years. It is one of the highest number of cars registered across European countries. China, USA and Norway are the top three countries in the world.

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