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Growing Old Gracefully

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The term "growing old gracefully" can be scary once you are closer to realizing that it will happen to you. Quite often, the older we get, many of us resist the aging process. But the best advantage of growing older, is that you didn't die. All jokes aside, we now know that the sooner we lean into the fact that we will get old, the more fun we will have in our golden years.

More free time
As we get older there are the obvious reasons why we end up with more free time, in general, our children have grown up and now they are living their own lives. So now we finally have time to pick up the hobbies that we’ve always wanted to do, do some gardening, or even take those bucket list trips we've dreamed of. Retiring can also be a time to focus on health issues we've put off because we were working and raising a family. Especially, your dental health and investing in something like dentures that last for decades, is something we may finally be able to do.

Beautiful grey hair
There is nothing quite like the grey hair that age brings. At first we may resist grey hair , so we set up a routine of coloring them away every month or so. But at a certain point, many people realize that grey hair isn’t anything to be ashamed of, and is actually beautiful. So beautiful that younger people are now dying their hair greys and silver for fashion.

Financial freedom
We all dream of being able to retire without the stress of having enough money to pay our bills. But, beyond the bare necessities, we also want to be able to enjoy the finer things in life, like vacations, parties, and buying our favorite fashion items. It takes some preparation and foresight to prepare for a future like this. So, no matter how young or old you are, you should research how to set yourself up for the future you dream of when you get old.

Not giving any F's
There is a book out there that explains "How to Not Give a F". You know the expletive. But, the principle summary of this book explains that it is about being comfortable with being yourself. It is not about being indifferent. It is about not stressing over petty and unimportant things. I also believe it is about being bolder in your voice to speak up and take space. But, if you notice, older people seem to always speak their mind. So my theory is that naturally as you get older, year-by-year, a F drops off. So by the time you are a golden age, you don't have any more to give.

With age comes knowledge, no matter what you do in life, you will have come across and survived many different encounters and situations. The important thing is for young people to seek these stories and advice from their elders. Many cultures revere the elders of their community because they have survived life this far. It is something Western culture isn't very good at doing. So you may want to consider writing or video recording a journal, or a book of some kind to share your knowledge, and life story for future generations to remember you in a way that you have control of.

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