5 Tips To Help You To Be A Strong Leader

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You might already be a leadership role, or maybe this is something that you can envisage for yourself at some point in the future. Whether you are embarking on
a career in pediatrics or you are about to start up in tech, there is a chance that one day you will become a leader. We need leaders in all professions and all walks of life, so learning the key traits to leadership is a great foundation.

Treat it as a responsibility 
You have a responsibility to your team to lead and motivate them. While some might see leaders at the top of the tree, in a position of privilege, a strong leader will visualize themselves at the bottom of it, holding everyone and everything else up. It is your job to be the foundation for your team and to support everyone to flourish in their roles. 

Set clear direction
It is up to you to set a clear direction for your team. They need to understand all that is expected of them and the part they play within the bigger picture. People need to know what they should be aiming to achieve each day, both to give them a sense of purpose and also so that they can feel a sense of achievement when they manage to meet those expectations. 

Open communication
Leaders need to communicate effectively with their team. You should set a schedule to check in regularly with everyone in your team, both in group sessions and within one to one meetings. A strong leader will feel comfortable sharing ideas, receiving feedback, and giving everyone on their team a platform to share and discuss ways to build and improve. 

Train regularly
From an employee’s first day to their last with you, they should benefit from regular training to upskill them. They should feel supported and equipped with the right knowledge to carry out their roles. This will make them feel confident that they are doing a good job and motivate them to keep doing solid work.

Look out for reasons to celebrate 
If you have got all of the above right, your team will be clear on what they need to do and you will have equipped them with the skills and confidence that they need to deliver that. The final part of this cycle is to ensure that you look for reasons to celebrate, and celebrate often. If your team is working hard for you, it stands to reason that they should receive thanks and recognition for their efforts. Make it a habit to thank people at the end of each day and when your team reaches a goal, acknowledge and celebrate it with them. 

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