How to Live More Independently

If you’re the kind of person who is often reliant on others and lacking confidence in your own thoughts and feelings, now is the time to work on that. So much of life will be unlocked when you learn to be a little more independent. It’s empowering and it’s something that we can all improve on. But how? Here's some tips.

Take Time to Know Where You Stand
Sometimes, when you’re not a very independent person, you don’t even know your own beliefs and what guides you in life. It’s easy to simply fall in line with what other people are doing and the principles they’re living by. Try to carve some time - whether if it is taking a weekend retreat to the woods or just meditating each day in the morning for 10 minutes - try to make space to really explore what where you really stand on things in life.

Learn Survival Skills
That can mean going out into the wilderness and fending yourself or even learning some urban survival skills at places like CIA tradecraft. This gives you the chance to be build confidence in things that may be outside of your box.

Form Positive Habits
Self-reliance is the aim here and that way you won’t be dependent on other people in life so much. In order to get this right, you should look to form positive habits that you can ensure will help you out when it comes to looking after yourself and your own priorities in life. The more positive habits you have in place that promote self-reliance, the better it’ll be for you.

Become More Assertive
You should also become a little more assertive in your the things you want in life- like your career goals and even love life. Being a little clearer and less hesitant can make a difference and even influence the way in which other people view you.

Make Your Own Decisions
You should be the only person dictating the direction you take in life. Making sure that you are ultimately your own guide, and not following others like sheep, will enable you to start putting yourself in control of things.

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