How to Keep Yourself Looking Refreshed While on Vacation

It is always an exciting time to go on holiday! A chance to learn new things, explore a new place and make new memories with friends or family. However, when you are on holiday, it can be difficult to keep yourself looking and feeling refreshed especially with a busy itinerary. Here's some tips on how to look like you are actually on a vacation.

Light and Airy Fashion Choices

One of the first things you think about is what you are going to wear.The Instagram pictures, the scenic photos to show everyone, and just the feeling of trying something new while on holiday just adds a whole new level of fun to your vacation. Light colored clothes are great for hot climates, as they absorb less heat than darker colors. However, this all is based on where you are going. Some places in Europe can be rainy, some places in South America can be really hot, and some places in Canada can be really cold. Then once you know the general weather, vacations are a great time to try a new look. A new country, new experiences, so why not add a new look to the mix?

Make Your Own Simple Remedies

Make sure to bring the essentials from your at home beauty routine with you on the road. Most beauty creams and serums are less than 3 ounces, so they are easily travel ready for your carry-on luggage.
You can also try some naturally made DIY products, like How to make hair growth oil for just under $2 a bottleAnd if you have piercings, the humidity and other factors could cause irritation to those areas. So this DIY sea salt spray for piercings can be great for washing away bacteria around the areas of your piercings. 

Keep Your Skin Moisturized and Protected

It's important to keep your skin hydrated when on holiday, so it doesn’t dry in the sun or a new climate. Even traveling in an airplane can dry out your skin. But, the salt from the sea can suck all the moisture from your skin. The sun and UV can do damage if not properly protected using a cream that includes SPF. So, always pack moisturizer for your skin type.

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