5 Things to Consider Before Setting Your Wedding Date

Picking your wedding date is only the start of the wedding planning process. After getting engaged, couples often like to set a date quickly because they’re excited about getting married. But this might not be the most sensible idea. There are several things to consider. Here's a list to keep in mind. l

Take the weather into account
The most popular months to get married are June, September and October. That is mostly because the weather is overall pleasant. The other months of the summer or winter, have more volatile weather or may be too hot for the heavy wedding costumes.

Make a list of what you want on the day
Brainstorming a list will help you sort through the things you think are important to get done before the big day. For example, how long will your dream dress take if it is custom made? Or what about your rings? Are you getting them custom, too? Engagement rings and wedding bands typically come in these style types- solitaire, halo, three stone, accented, or vintage. So consider how long will the style you want need to be made? Do you envision your wedding outside, inside, at home, or abroad? There are many questions you can ask yourself to help you figure out a date. Write everything down so it doesn't flood your head worrying about these things.

Be careful about national holidays
A major holiday will add a festive touch to your wedding. But can also be considered rude and distasteful. People get so few days off, and often plan their own familial events for holidays. So, take the temperature of your guests to see if planning your big day on a holiday is a good idea or not.

Consider an off-season wedding
Off-season means cheaper, but there could be other important differences aside from the price. January is a cheaper time of year, but is it ideal to get married right after Christmas? Weekday weddings can also save the budget, because weekend days are more popular. But you might need to ask your guests to take time off work. 

Don’t rush into anything
Make sure you give yourself enough time to plan the things that are especially important to you. Handcrafted table decorations and personalized themes are difficult to create overnight. You also want to leave a little room for error. Anyone’s seen enough wedding rom-coms to know that these things don’t always go smoothly! 
The average couple is engaged for around 13 months. But, that all depends on how much big and elaborate you want your wedding to be. You’ll hopefully only do this once, so be patient, because you’ll have the rest of your life to remember your special day. 

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