Push Beyond Your Limits With A Trip To Africa

Traveling to Africa should be on everyone's bucket list. The continent is full or resources, booming and vast. It provides opportunity for adventure in a way that you can’t get in any other part of the world. 

There are many developed metropolitans in the various African countries, but once you get out of the townships, you’re in the wilderness.
Here are some of the ways that traveling to Africa can stretch you out of your comfort zone.

A Different Lifestyle
Because it was heavily colonized by the English, South Africa is a place that many Westerners feel comfortable with because it has all the nuances of home. But, African countries are no that kind of lifestyle, even if they have been colonized. So, when traveling be open to accepting that country's way of life, rather than trying to impose your own. The purpose of travel is to immerse yourself and learn about other cultures. So, I encourage you to take that approach no matter which African country you decide to visit.
You may be used to certain amenities and lifestyle comforts. But, if you decide to travel to another place, whether it is a modern destination or considered developing, you have to be willing to adapt and accept it for wha it is. You will have a more enjoyable experience with that approach.

You Get Perspective of Where You Belong
Going on popular tours, like safaris where you can immerse in the African wilderness isn’t just something that is “nice to do.” It also teaches you that you’re more powerful than you think. 
Africa is an assault on the senses. There aren't many places on Earth where you can get nature's full spectrum of offerings - from climates to animals. When surrounded with such an awesome display of nature, this is a chance to learn more about where you fit in this world.

You Appreciate The People Around You
An environment like this produces a unique psychology that you don’t get in the west. Africa can make you feel unprotected, insecure and vulnerable, as you cruise around on foot or in your 4x4 truck on safari. When you emerge from that experience, one of the side effects is that it can bring you closer to others. Experiencing something magical can change you and often makes you reevaluate your life in some way.

You Feel The Passing Of Time
The passage of time is a funny thing. When you’re always on the go, you can wonder where the weeks and months go. But when you travel to a place like Africa, going off the grid a bit, it strips you of all the usual distractions. When you're really remote, there’s limited mobile phone signal, internet or anything else to connect you to the world.
When you allow time to ebb and flow naturally, you will find that you will adapt. You don’t want to stay up late texting on your phone or checking social media. Rather, you will be more inclined to sit and stare at the nature around you, appreciating that you get to feel this experience in this space and time.

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