Simple Ways to Express Yourself Through Your Style

Let's face it: We all want to stand out from the crowd. After all, we’re all individuals who have different preferences, interests and tastes and one of the easiest ways to express this through our outer appearance. However, nowadays, we’re living in the age of fast fashion and it’s growing increasingly difficult to express ourselves through clothing alone without jumping to extremes. We’re used to buying clothes from stores that reproduce the same items over and over again to the point that if you attend a party, it’s highly likely that at least one other person will be wearing the same outfit as you, or at least something similar to what you’re wearing. The good news is that there are other ways to express yourself through your style.

Over the years we've learned to embrace our natural hair. But if you’re looking to use your hair as a statement or to create a signature look, then a little more thought and attention has to be made. Deciding the right cut that suits your facial features, or going on a limb with an extreme color takes some trial and error. But eventually you'll settle on your signature look.

Tattoos are permanent, so it’s absolutely essential that you’re 100% sure you want one before booking in to get one. (Yes, you can get them removed - but it is a long, painful, and sometimes expensive process. So, it's better to go in thinking this is a permanent choice.) The stigma attached to tattoos is fading away, but it’s still a good idea to be mindful of the location of your tattoos if you’re chasing certain careers that aren’t quite as accepting of tattoos that may be on the hands, neck or face. Use a reliable artist with an extensive portfolio. Remember, you often get what you pay for, so it’s generally better to save and go for a well renowned artist than to book the lowest cost option. Good artists also tend to have a waiting list, so practice patience for the best result. Then use the best quality products for healing, such as tattoo soap and specialized moisturizing creams.

Like tattoos, piercings are becoming a less taboo style choice. Rather than simply having a plain lobe piercing, more alternative piercings are becoming easier to get and there are more types of jewelry to decorate them, as well. If you’re going to get a piercing, it’s absolutely essential that you do your research and use the same strategy recommended for a tattoo - don't try to go the cheap way. You want a clean and hygienic studio, a piercer with qualifications, and plenty of experience. Make sure to follow healing advice after - this will generally involve salt water soaks and a little tea tree oil.

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