Why Your Best Is Good Enough When Home Schooling Your Kids

These days, parents have been forced to homeschool their kids. Some families specifically seek out this course of education for their children. But many do not. Here’s some good news: you don’t need to be highly qualified and trained. When thrown into a global pandemic with no plan and no real instructions, doing your best is always good enough. Here's a list of how you can create a strategy so the task of homeschooling doesn't seem so daunting.

Decide On A Curriculum
Ultimately, you’re not an actual teacher. Deciding on a curriculum that suits you is imperative. Take guidance from your kids' actual school, and there are also many resources online to enhance their basic curriculum.

Let Your Child Take The Lead 
Sometimes, it’s better to simply let your child take the lead. If they’re in a creative mood, start with art. If they are inquisitive and want to know more about a certain subject, do that. You don’t need the same structure they had while in school. Taking your child's lead will often lead to better experiences for both of you. 

Make The Most Of The Internet 
The internet is a great resource for homeschooling - don’t feel guilty about allowing too much screen time. Just make sure you’ve blocked the inappropriate sites and help them use the best homeschooling sites instead.

If you let them browse the internet alone, they will likely come across COVID-19 information. This could be a chance to have an open and honest discussion with them about it so that they can find out how covid-19 spreads from you and not the internet. 

Set Goals For The Week
By setting measurable, realistic goals for the week, you’ll accomplished, rather than defeated - which can come if you set unrealistic, unattainable standards. Make sure you don’t overwhelm the children and yourself. We are in a pandemic - a time filled with uncertainty and anxiety. You can start with one main goal for the end of the week and then celebrate it. 

Have A Homeschooling Space
Having a dedicated space to work will mentally tell yourself that it is time to work and focus. Avoid homeschooling in random places like the couch or in the bedroom. Going through the motions of getting up and going to a workspace will help you be more efficient and focused.

Make It Fun
Don't forget that learning should be fun for kids. Do your best to make it as entertaining as possible. Don’t put yourself under too much pressure, though - your child will sense it and they won’t respond well to it. 

Allow Creative Space 
A free hour where you allow nothing but creativity can be hugely beneficial. Let your child come up with amazing ideas. Let them draw, paint, write - whatever they want. You’ll be amazed at what they come up with. 

Get to Know Your Child’s Learning Style 
Every child has a unique learning style. This is one benefit of schooling them from home - schools tend to focus on one style only. You now have the opportunity to get to know your child's strength's and weaknesses. Does your child respond best to videos, books, hands on learning or something else? 

But remember, as long as you’re doing your best, you’re doing great. Don’t put pressure on yourself and don’t stress. Your child will catch up. 

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