Grand Gestures Of Self-Love

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It’s been a tough year for everyone. Nobody wants to think about it, but the truth is that the COVID-19 pandemic has affected us all. The combination of life in self-isolation and uncertainty has made it hard for people to truly relax and has taken a toll on our mental health. If you’ve been working from home since the start of the pandemic, you’re approaching your 9th or 10th month away from the workplace and your daily social lifestyle. Working from home makes you more likely to work longer hours, making it tricky to maintain a healthy work/life balance. Ultimately, as 2020 is coming to an end, most of us feel drained and emotionally exhausted. 

So, it’s essential to use the holiday to put yourself first. It’s time for self-love! After an unusual year, you need a grand gesture of self-appreciation. 

Book some me time out of your comfort zone

Borders are reopening all around the world. After a year of quarantined travelers, travel agencies are ready to offer unmissable discounts and offers for enthusiastic holiday-makers. So, don’t be shy, and book yourself a solo trip that pushes you out of your comfort zone. Traveling alone is a unique experience that helps you reconnect with your inner voice. And you know what? After almost a year of talking to yourself in a small home office, you’ve probably lost track of your desires and goals in life. So give yourself the time and space you need to figure if your post-pandemic self has new aspirations. 

Invest in a piece of jewelry

Being a smart shopper is a great skill when it comes to managing your finances. But you also should consider adding valuable pieces of jewelry that could later be passed on as heirlooms. Buying jewelry for yourself is the ultimate act of self-love, whether you pick a stylish diamond ring or a vintage Breitling watch. Fun fact, movie lovers would have probably spotted their new favorite models on the wrists of Charlize Theron and Adam Driver as the watch company released their Breitling Cinema Squad campaign. 

Switch careers

Working long hours is tough. But the pandemic experience could have made you realize one thing: You’re spending too much time complaining about your job. It’s fair to say that you should have eliminated most workplace stress factors in a home office environment. So, here’s a thought for you: It may be time to change careers. Switching up roles can transform your work experience and result in significant mental health benefits. You can’t beat stress when your role doesn’t match your personality anymore. So, it may be time to update your resume and start hunting for your dream job.

Do nothing

How often do you sit down and allow yourself to do absolutely nothing? We are constantly active. Even lying down in bed, we are checking our emails or reading the news on the phone. Put the smart screen away and give your mind carte blanche. Let it wander or rest as it pleases. The art of doing nothing is a skill you need to cultivate to recharge your batteries, figuratively and literally speaking. 

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    5 steps to self-love:
    Make peace with your insecurities. Acknowledge your lingering insecurities and forgive yourself for having them.
    Accept that perfection doesn't exist and accept your “flaws” .
    Discover what is important to you.
    Grow in ways that support what's important to you.
    Rinse and repeat.

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