Fun Ways To Decide Where To Go Next On Vacation


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With the new COVID strain now on the move, it’s probably only a matter of time before traveling the world is again no longer an option. It’ll probably be that way until the vaccine has been given to enough people, and health officials and governments feel it is safe for people to once again roam. The good news is that this gives us plenty of time to choose our next travel destination. But until then, here's some fun ways to find adventure.

Speak To A Psychic

If you want to do something outside of the box, you could think about getting a psychic reading. With telephone psychic readings you can ask a professional to tell you where you should travel next. Even if you’re a little bit skeptical, this could be fun to see if they pick something that is beyond your scope of imagination.

Join A Travel Meet App

There are apps that you can use to meet other people who are also interested in traveling. This can provide you with the opportunity with similar travel goals to yourself. That might mean that they are interested in going on a thrill ride or a relaxing vacation. This is definitely a smart choice if you are tired of traveling alone and don’t want to be stuck with people that are going to complain about your travel adventure preferences.

Spin A Globe

If you’re completely stuck then you might want to consider just spinning a globe and picking a destination at random by placing your finger on a point to stop it turning. The brilliant part about this is that you could end up going some place you would have never imagined. It’s also a way to let fate or destiny decide where you should travel to next if you believe in such things. If you don’t have a globe, zoom out of Google maps, close your eyes, move the cursor around pick a point that way. It’s the same basic idea. 

Get On The First Flight 

You could consider just showing up at an airport and jumping on the first flight that you come across. This is a tad risky for a couple reasons. First, these days due to heightened security measures if you don’t have travel plans you might not get through customs. Second, there’s no guarantee that any flight will be available and you’ll need to make sure that you pack for a few different climates too. That said, if you are adventurous and not opposed to ending up somewhere completely random, you could have great fun with this idea. 

We hope this helps you understand some of the best ways to choose your next vacation destination. Think outside the box here and you could end up visiting a place that you would never have typically considered in your wildest dreams and have a fantastic adventure because of it. 

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