How to Solve Relationship Conflicts

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Anybody who has been in a romantic relationship clearly understands that disputes and disagreements are inevitable. When individuals spend much of their time together, it is expected that at some point they will disagree. These disagreements can range from small issues to big quarrels.

However, if you manage to handle these issues appropriately, you can create a strong bond with your partner. The best way to solve a problem is by having a conversation. If you remain silent, your concerns will remain unresolved. Correctly approaching the issues can help you to understand your partner.

Conflicts can also harm your relationship. Misunderstandings can wreck your relationship. The following are tips you can use to resolve your relationship conflicts.

Be Straightforward

Individuals may use indirect ways to express their dissatisfactions on a particular issue. One partner may communicate in a manner that indicates an underlying hostility. Sometimes a partner may even pout and mope without addressing the real problem.

Other indirect ways of expressing unhappiness include being evasive and changing topics. Indirect forms of communication are neither useful nor constructive. They usually do not give an expression of the real situation. Being straightforward is the best method to express yourself.

Avoid Blaming your Partner

Any statement that can damage your partner’s character poses a serious threat to your relationship; and they will become defensive.

Avoid Generalizing your Conversations

In case of a disagreement, do not use generalizing statements. These statements can make your partner more defensive since they will start generating counter examples. Otherwise, if it get's too intense, you will find yourself searching for an Atlanta divorce attorney. However, slowing things down, taking a break and being careful with your words will make it less intense.

Pick your Battles

For you to have a constructive discussion, it would help if you stick to a specific issue at a time. It is impossible to solve several problems once. Raising more complaints reduces the chances of resolving your matter successfully.

Listen to your Partner’s Views

When you interrupt or think you know what your partner is thinking, you may deny them a chance to express themselves. Sometimes, you may be wrong about your assumptions. You can use listening techniques to show your partner you are paying attention to their views. One of these techniques is paraphrasing your partner’s statements.

Do Not Automatically Object Your Partner’s Grievances

It is easy to get defensive when your partner criticizes you. However, you cannot solve any problem by being defensive. Another vicious defensive habit is countering your partner's complaint with another one of your own. It is essential to listen to your partner and consider their grievances

Take a Different Perspective

Besides listening to your partner, you need to consider your partner’s views based on their perspective. If you consider your partner’s perspective, chances of becoming angry or agitated are minimal. This will enable you to carry a meaningful discussion likely to yield a solution.


Relationships are partnerships based on love and understanding. Common disagreements are normal with people who live together. However, how you address the problem can make a significant difference.

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