Relationships: Do I Need To Move On?'

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When you are going through marriage difficulties, you may come to a point where you think that you will no longer be able to maintain any kind of peace in the relationship. It may seem like it's time to give up. You may also be consoling yourself by saying "Everybody is getting divorced now, and I will get through." So is that what you really want? Perhaps you have truly realized the relationship has run its course and you want a divorce attorney. That is fine. And no marriage is perfect. Almost any couple may need help from time to time throughout their marriage. But relationships in problem marriages are not always very intense. In some marriages there is no quarrel, but the relationship is not very deep; rather the spouses are completely disconnected from each other. They completely cut off doing things for each other and communicating, and things start to get worse in their marital life. Unresolved frequent discussions, loss of positive emotions, friendship, sex, and decreased vitality are signs that marriage is problematic.

A stressful marriage can also cause problems such as pain, pain, anxiety, high levels of tension and depression. It has been observed that children who grew up in marriages with intense conflict have more problems than other children. When the marriage is in a stalemate, if no action is taken, the situation can turn like the destruction of dominoes and bring the marriage to the point of ending. For this reason, it is necessary to identify and solve the problem without waiting for the problems to grow and become unsolvable.

Do I need marriage therapy? 

What is done primarily in marriage therapy is learning to better communicate. It helps build skills such as problem solving and learning how to fight without hurting too much, helping to rebuild the relationship. With marriage therapy, it is aimed for spouses to learn to see each other as human beings. It is tried to make them learn to understand the personality traits of the other person, to reconcile the differences that can be reconciled, and to accept the irreconcilable aspects. Ongoing problem areas between spouses may be major issues where discussions are concentrated. It is to help spouses be able to talk about these issues and find solutions. The therapy process ensures that partners are on a path to progress even when dealing with difficult problems and prevents the relationship from getting stuck. 

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