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Contest: How you can SNAG Bethenny Frankel SWAG too!

I’ve been a fan of Bethenny Frankel since her RHONY days! In fact, some of my favorite memories from living in the Carolinas were my Bethenny Frankel -inspired Friday night lawn parties with my neighbor. Yes, it sounds trashy.. but trashy can be fun! Every Friday we’d dress up cute, bust out our lawn chairs, and drink a bottle of Skinnygirl margaritas while talking the night away. Looking back on it now, it’s a time I hold close to my heart; just like the summer when I splurged on a pool raft and her book, A Place of Yes. By fall(-ish), I landed my first TV job. So when I started to see her commercials for “Bethenny”, I had to watch. I mean, her margaritas and self-help book got me through some “happy, free, confused, and lonely… miserable and magical” times (22 might be long and gone for me, but I can still relate to Taylor Swift on that one!). So, when I saw @Bethenny’s trivia question pop up on my twitter feed, I had to answer! 

The next thing I know, I have a DM from @bethenny and team wanting to know my address and body shaper size! How cool is that?! I wasn’t sure what was coming in the mystery Bethenny Frankel box, but I was “Friday night lawn chair party” excited!  You can imagine my surprise when I opened my box full of goodies. If you want to #SnagBSwag make sure to watch her show, follow her on twitter and answer one of her trivia questions using the #SnagBSwag. It’s that easy!

1. Skinnygirl Solutions- Lace Shaping Boyshort

I’ll never forget watching myself on TV for the first time and all I could notice were my panty-lines. I was horrified… no, make that mortified.  I went out that DAY and bought every kind of body shaper that I could get/afford.  Broke, but panty-line free, I quickly became the “Body Shaper Queen”.  Somewhere along the way, I convinced myself that the uglier and more uncomfortable they were, the better I looked.  Boy was I wrong.  My mother is right… I am a masochist!  Thank goodness for #SnagBSwag because Skinnygirl Solutions has the sexy lingerie look I WANT and the support I NEED. Even my husband was shocked!   And for $22.00, my 29(ish) butt status is now back to 22 in these shapers.  That’s one heck of a bargain!

2.. Skinnygirl Lip Care-Plumping Tinted Lip Gloss

Full disclosure, I have lipstick anxiety. Despite the fact that the natural color of teeth is actually white… WITH A HINT OF YELLOW… it drives me nuts. So until I can afford the “SUPER” whitening treatment, I avoid lipstick like the plague.  I also believe glitter and lipgloss have an age limit, and I firmly believe all sticky lipgloss is made by men!  (Why do people sell sticky lipgloss?  It’s terrible!)  I’m quirky, I know. I love that Skinnygirl Lip Care enhances my natural lip color, not my teeth. I’m in love!

3. Skinnygirl- Tinted Daily Moisturizer

I’ve been on the hunt for a lighter foundation because of all the blackheads I’ve been rock’n on my chin and nose. Seriously?! Where are they all coming from? I thought that was the perk of not being 22… being “blackhead-free”!  Going “foundation-free” isn’t an option for me because of the VERY dark circles under my eyes.  I’m a hot mess, I know. I’ll admit that I have a pre-conceived notion of tinted daily moisturizer, but thankfully my tweet to @bethenny #SnagBSwag changed my mind (and my face!) I love the “refreshing” look it gives my face!

So what are you waiting for?!  Start tweeting… your butt will thank you for #SnagBSwag. Visit TheRealHousewifeOfCouponCounty.com! 
Cheers to the Journey,
ßrittany ßegley

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