Beauty: Myth or Fact? 4 Tips to Solving Makeup Mysteries.

What is actually true about what we should do about our makeup?

Every week on daytime TV we hear different things from application of makeup to shelf life.

I'll break down what I really do, as a real life makeup artist.

•"You should throw away makeup after 6 months."
 Fact. In general, most makeup items will last from 3 months to a year, and then they should be replaced. Some things simply dry up (mascara), and most are bacterial breeding grounds. Play it safe, and replace.

Here's a chart that is simple to go by, as a general rule.

If your makeup drawer looks like this, we have a hording issue.
Start chucking away some of those things...especially the stuff you had since high school!
•" I head that you should never sleep with your makeup on."
 Fact.  Pore clogging. Pore stretching. Aging. 
Sleeping in your makeup contributes to all of these. Nuff said.

•"I heard that you should always apply blush to the hollows of your cheeks."
 Myth. Applying a contour color to the hollows of your cheeks gives definition, but blush looks best lightly swirled onto the apples of your cheeks, to provide a natural, flushed look.

•"Failing to remove mascara results in losing eyelashes."
 Fact. Leaving mascara on dries up your lashes and causes breakage. Additionally, your eyelash follicles can clog and get infected, and the lashes may fall out as a result.

Have a makeup mystery you want solved? Comment below and we’ll get right to work!


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