Mens Trends: Hats are Sexy

Did you know that hats can make all the difference in your appearance?

Did you know that women think they are sexy too?

It's not just a thing of the past...
We'll show you our favorites.

Here's why we love hats on your guys:

Hats show off your personality.
Hats give the statement of your mood.
Hats can disguise your bald spot.
Here are some of our favorite hats on men.

The Cowboy
Doesn't this photo say it all? it's so sexy and cool when a man can pull this off. But that's the key...he has to genuinely pull it off.

The Kangol/Ben Hogan (named after the golfer)
I'm especially fond of this style, because my man wears it and he does it well. (This photo isn't my guy.) Anyway, I think you must have swagger to own this look. It also transitions from casual to dressy really well.

The Fedora
The fedora comes with a larger rim (like shown here) or smaller rim. It can be worn all seasons. We especially love the straw hats in the summer.
And when all else fails, a good baseball cap...not the raggedy one that he's owned since high a fitted cap worn with meaning CAN get the job done.

What do you think about men in hats? Let us know. We'll share it! 


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