Fashion: Charleston Fall/Winter Style - How to Dress Like a Local

On a recent girls' weekend in Charleston, I noticed a fashion trend. A uniform, if you will. I've been to Charleston before, but this time, at an all women's conference, I had the opportunity to view 1600 women in one place at one time.

There seems to be an unspoken list of fashion "do's" in the Holy City. I took note of them all, so I can be better prepared to look like a local on my next trip!

Travelers, take note!

Charleston Chic Requirements:

1) Leggings/Tights
2) Jeggings or Jeans
3) Boot Socks
4) Boots

5) Scarves! (This is essential)
6) Cardigans

7) Babydoll Dresses

8) Tunics

9) Sweaters

Select a few items from above each morning, mix and match, add in flawless but understated hair and makeup, and voila!

Check out these fashionistas...

Happy Shopping!!!!


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