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Real Life: Living the Suite Life for the 2015 NBA Playoffs

The NBA Playoffs are in full swing! And if you haven't gotten on the exhilarating ride yet... well, it’s time for you to get onboard!

Not only are the NBA Playoffs the most exciting time of the basketball season, but if you actually live in a city that has made it to the post-season, it's definitely an environment you want to see...and be seen in!

After all, it's a great excuse to get dressed up in your sexiest "tomboy-chic" outfit, a great place to meet guys(where there's sports, there's men!) and an even better reason to call up your girlfriends for a Girls Night Out.

And ladies, if you've ever complained about a man not showing emotion... then this is definitely the place you want to be. I've seen grown men cry during the Playoffs! 

If that's not reason enough for you... how about being able to catch all of the NBA action, in the luxury of your own private suite?  Well, thanks to SuiteHop you can.
Suitehop is an online marketplace where fans can easily book available luxury suites at sports and entertainment venues across the United States. You’ll be able to experience the most exciting time of the season with amenities such as: top visibility, free parking, in-suite catering, private bathrooms and more.

SuiteHop’s features include:

·         Seamless Booking: SuiteHop’s streamlined platform allows users to directly purchase tickets around a venue’s real-time availability and pricing.

·         Wide Array of Venues: SuiteHop allows each user to find availability to events at hundreds of venues across North America.

·         Verified Sellers: In order to confidently stand behind their guarantee on every order, SuiteHop requires that every seller is verified before listing.

·         Customer Service: Customers can call their service line to purchase tickets or get detailed information on any suite before purchasing.

If you'd like to check the status of suites as they become available during the playoffs please visit:

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