#2 Things We Love: Glitter Waterfall Phone Cases

Dani loves her phone case because...
what's not to love!??

These cases can be found on many sites, varying in price from $15 to $23. This phone case is the perfect gift for anyone who likes a bit of frivolity. Yes, it’s functional and serves to protect your phone, but the best part is the gorgeous floating glitter that cascades through the case when you turn it upside down. You can watch it for hours!

Check out some of these gorgeous cases. You can pretty much find something for anyone with a quick Google search...

So. Much. Glitter!!!!!

This is pretty clever. It might stress me out though!

Seriously cute. I might need this one!

There are quite a few DIY sites that show you how to decorate your case yourself, like this one: http://diy.allwomenstalk.com/cute-diy-iphone-cases

To get your own waterfall case, click here to buy. Then let us know!!

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