Why Walmart? The Top Reasons to Shop Wallyworld

Y'all, I am on a serious shopping kick lately. 

And those of you who follow us know - Dayvee is all about getting some travel for less (and I suggest you read all her tips!). Start with 5 Tips to Booking A Cheap Flight
As for me, I am forever in search of the "everyday" deals. Whether it's makeup for photo shoots, (or myself) food and clothing for my teen boys, gifts items - I want the best deal I can get.

My latest trip to Walmart scored a pretty decent haul. But there are more than just the low prices that draw me there. Check it out:

Hard to Find Items:

I'm obsessed with Ocean Spray's Sparkling Cranberry drink, and pretty much every store I go to has stopped carrying it - except WalMart! (I also picked up the boyfriend's fave cereal for super cheap, and a few other items I needed)

Perhaps because they cater to a more diverse population, WalMart carries products that cannot be found anywhere else. It is the only store where I can buy one of my favorite drinks.

They Have, Well, EVERYTHING:

It was cheap and I can decorate it! Win-Win for me

I keep a running shopping list of items I need but am not desperate for - this way I can take my time and find a price I am happy with. I've been looking for an inexpensive, plain phone case for my new iPhone. I found it on my latest trip.

 They. Have. Clearance!

I needed some sports bras for work. I found three on the clearance rack for a total price of $7 for all. 

And it’s easy to find – well marked with big yellow balloons and often placed right in the aisles, it’s worth perusing the racks if you have some extra time.

They've Got Everyday Low Prices:

Again, my insane love of seltzer! One of my fave brands, for about half the price I find it at other stores!

Between my boys and myself, we drink A LOT of spring water. (I have a fear of tap water). When we need to stock up, Walmart's the place!!

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Be sure to share your tips for killer savings!!!!

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