4 Ways to Keep Skin Hydrated While Traveling

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Hitting the road is what we do here at The Daily Affair. And our new series launching next month, "Extraordinary Experiences", will be your guide on how you can learn to do the same. 
But in the meantime, here's my four best tips to keep your skin looking hydrated and fresh while traveling.

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Ummm... start with water.

You know how awesome your skin looks when you drink water. It's the number one natural beauty secret for all of the Hollywood star's glowy skin. However, when you are traveling there can be two problems - drinking a lot of liquids means that you will likely have many potty breaks. The other negative is that many times when traveling you don't have access to drinking as much water as you should. But considering this, if you try to load up by drinking tons of water three or four days advance of your trip, it actually works to give your system a head start of detoxing and sending balanced moisture to your skin.

Try misting spray.

I've tried everything from Evian's formula to rose water to generic facial sprays from the drug store. For some they don't have a real effect, but for me, they are the most simple way for quick bursts of moisture - especially for long-haul flights. The benefit these moisture misting sprays offer is instant hydration injected with skin benefiting ingredients like tea tree, rose water and vitamin E - depending on the brand. 

Add an extra layer of cream.

If traveling to drying environment or in the winter time, preventative maintenance will save the day. Especially before hopping on an airplane, I may load up with an extra layer moisturizer. Yes, two different moisturizers. I use one with acne healing or skin brightening and toning properties, and then I may add a moisturizing oil or thick cream that will hold my skin over for at least 8 hours.

P.S. Don't forget your lips.It's that thin skin that suffers first.

Note: It's best to avoid makeup if you can stand it. Your skin will be adjusting to different climates and conditions while you travel. Keeping your skin as fresh as possible will avoid clogging your pores and other potential problems.


Believe it or not, some good solid shut eye on a flight or in the car will allow your skin to rest and become rejuvenated. Sitting upright or slightly reclined is literally the most uncomfortable way to sleep. but if you can manage at least a couple of hours, you skin will also take a rest. It will become more dry, indeed, but using the tips above combined with a little sleepy time will give you a well rested look when it's time to park or land and start your destination adventure. 


When you finally reach your destination, it's best to give yourself a good exfoliation treatment. With dried out skin, the accumulation can build and flake (which looks gross) or cause acne (which usually happens to me.)

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  1. Lovely post thanks for sharing your thoughts

  2. Great tips. I find that when I travel, my skin care regimen suffers. You offered very useful advice here.


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