Hey traveler! Tip the hotel maid.

A recent survey showed that only about 30% of Americans leave tips for hotel housekeepers!

It's mostly because they're out of sight- out of mind. Also many people think that's not a job warranting your tip.

The truth is- they are the people who have the most to do in making your room stay nice each day.

And that's why etiquette is to tip her.

So how much?

Standard is $1 or $2  person guest per night in most hotels. In higher end hotels... Folks tip a little more...up to $5 a night.

Make sure you leave a note before you leave, clearly stating that the money is for the housekeeper.

And you can check with the front desk if the same person turns over your room each day. Otherwise you may want to just leave the tip each morning before you head out.
And now... Everything is awesome traveler!

Here's the video:

Got a tip? Let us know and we'll post it here!


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