What is Swedish Death Cleaning???

I recently moved into a new home, so I’m taking the opportunity to sort through 12 years of accumulated stuff from my last place. 

In an effort to try to get a bit more organized, I scoured the internet for how-tos and awesome storage ideas, and along with the usual fads, I stumbled upon a simple idea with an odd name.

Have you heard about Swedish Death Cleaning? It’s a new method that assists people with the de-cluttering process. The premise is fairly straightforward:

You basically go through your piles of stuff and ask yourself if anyone is really going to want it when you’re gone.

Easy, right? Margareta Magnusson, the author of “The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning”, has had her share of post-loss clean ups, which involves taking care of a loved one’s house full of possessions when they’re gone. It can be a very expensive and overwhelming process, especially when you add in the factor that you’re sifting through a lifetime of belongings while grieving.

The author suggests you take care of this problem yourself. Similar in many ways to other recent organizing/decluttering trends, Magnusson’s book essentially prods you to question whether an item you never use is actually going to make someone else happy when you’re gone. If it’s not, then get rid of it.

I’m not sure why it’s become such a huge problem (people holding on to WAY too much stuff in their homes) that we now have a whole self-help shelf in the bookstores dedicated to assisting with the clutter removal. 

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Nonetheless, Swedish Death Cleaning seems as good a method as any, so I am going to try it out and see how much I can actually sift through and pass on to Goodwill. So far, I’m up to three boxes, and I’m pretty sure I’ll double or triple that by the time I’m done!


Do you have any great ideas for reducing clutter? Drop your comments below!

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  1. I have no any idea for share on you. Your idea is best forever I think so. Cleaning is a very difficult for me after a party at my home.

  2. Cleaning is a very important for looking good any our home or office or everywhere. Sometime that was very difficult for cleaning on it and so we need stuff. But your logic is perfect.

  3. If we hold stuff for cleaning at our home then they are clean it very carefully. But if we clean on me then it will be much clean.

  4. You have lot of energy and so you can clean your home after party many times. Everybody are not capable for it.

  5. This is a problem who is jobholder. We arrange a party for our family or friends then they are dust our home. But we need to clean on our house and we need stuff for cleaning on it because they save our time.


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