How to take killer Instragram photos while traveling

These days, taking photos of your vacation is an essential part of your trip plans.
I mean, tour guides even map out "Instagram Spots" on the itinerary!

I've written how you should balance the photo taking with actually experiencing the event, show and destination. There is no doubt that I am a fan of documenting all of my experiences.

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Scrolling your timelines, you probably see lots of people you follow with fantastic photos from all over the world. Well, here are three of my best tips to help you take awesome pics wherever you are. AND, you don't even need a professional photographer.

Before I start, I want to point out that you can likely get anyone to take your photo. Please use caution not to just hand your equipment to any old stranger. But, check them out - is it a granny? A mother? A family? If they are touring a place like you, once you find your shot, say "Hey, would you like me to take your photo?" They will answer and you either take it for them or not. Then follow with, "Would you mind taking mine?"

O.K. Here we go:

Show off the destination, but put yourself in it

People like seeing people. Those posts always get the most likes. So, show off the beautiful landscape and place yourself in it. There are two ways to do it.

Small person, Big world
San Juan, Puerto Rico
This means showing as much of the awesome beauty of the location and also showing how small were are as people.

Jurassic Falls, Kauai, Hawaii

POV (point of view)
Grand Anse Beach, Grenada

Try over the shoulder or even a profile shot. You are close, almost a silhouette, and the landscape takes most of the space.
On a boat in Grenada
This works even if you are camera shy. But for your social media, when your followers see you there, they will be inspired to go, too!

In the moment action shots
Zip lining at Ocean Ranch Park in Costa Rica
The best photos I find are actual candids. If you are about to do an activity, find someone who can snap a photo or two while enjoying the action.

If you can't get a real candid, second best is what I call "candid/not candid" lifestyle photos. So, while you're still around the activity or scene, do something that you would naturally do. For example, eating at a restaurant? Then talk, drink, laugh with your friends, and ask someone to do a few burst shots. You are guaranteed to have at least one IG-worthy pic!

Cheesy tourist photos are OK
The National Gallery, Oslo in front fo the Scream photo
In recent years, people have been really overthinking this, and poo-pooing on the idea of taking touristy photos. Well, you’ve traveled all of that way to see it, so I say take a photo of yourself by it!

Jaco, Costa Rica
But, to take your photos to the next level, you can get creative. Use the rule of thirds and place yourself off-centered, or (again, if you are camera shy) maybe show your coffee cup, or hand.

On top of the Opera House in Oslo, Norway

Now, if you are going to have someone take the photos for you, I always like to to frame it up, and show them the exact shot I am looking for. You hand over your phone and just tell them not to move and take the picture. You can also have them stand where you will be, take a snap, show them and get in your place.

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