My 2018 Year in Hotels + 3 Ways to SAVE on travel

2018 was another year of fantastic travel.

It led to me to adventures from Puerto Rico, back to Turks and Caicos and Guadeloupe.
I traveled more than 22,000 miles and stayed in 22 hotels.

Check out my 2018 Year in Hotels Video:

Here's three of my favorite ways you can save on travel in 2019:

1. Book glitch flights to save hundreds of dollars on airplane tickets. Don't just hear of flights to South Africa, Sweden, Thailand and more for just $200 roundtrip. Get access and instructions on how to book the flight, when they hit. Glitch fares are mistakes by the airlines that can be your gateway to see the world for just a few hundred bucks! CLICK HERE for access to my list at a discounted rate - which also supports my travel video efforts.

Learn more about glitch fare from THIS POST.

2. Use Trip Advisor to research and even reserve the best things to do in an area. The site has everything from  airline reviews, vacation rentals, restaurants, and activities. It features 385 million reviews of more than 6.6 million accommodations, restaurants and attractions.

3. Stay at an Airbnb.
Haven't tried it yet? The horror stories make the news, but Airbnb's have some pretty swanky properties listed. And the best part is you can get them at a bargain from hotels. Here's my personal discount. Get a $40 credit when you join Airbnb by clicking HERE.

Have you started your list for travel destinations for 2019 yet?

Let us know and we'll post it here!

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