Turner House

Day 2
...a bit delayed. But its O.K. There are no defined expectations for me here. But, I did tell them I'd be there at 9am. But, insecrue about my hair, I pulled it a back a bit...no to offend anyone for my first impression; and that took some time.
It takes only 20 minutes to my exit off the tube. I go down the street, ask a street vendor, and he directs me to Turner House. (uh...how come no one told me the name of our London beauru was Turner House? And, what?! It's so cool here. ) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I'm introduced to the staff. One floor, one newsroom for CNN. (Although, Cartoon Network, Boomerang, and TCM are in the buidling too.) My crew, sports,...all out on assignments. 2 in Tokyo for golf, and one producer in Germany for World Cup. So, its just the anchor, Don Riddell and me. Yes, I make five. And that's CNN's sports crew for Europe.

After his AM show, Don gives the breakdown for what's to come. Then I get my badge, and that's it for work today. But, tomorrow we head over Wimbledon. Its a town, not just a tournament. Stay tuned...because I have a great video-treat for you all tomorrow. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

After work I met up with my London mates (friends) and homies (friends) from Atlanta. They are all in the music business. (And if you thought Atlanta was the home for new, undergrund music...come visit London. Everyone here, REALLY is in music!) We visited the Saga Centre. It litterally houses a dozen record labels and management groups. I was so intrigued...I had to do a story. check out the upcoming 3-Minute Review!

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