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Day 9
...I decided to sleep in a bit because I went to a very nice event/party in Waterloo last night.
Daz, his mate Sei Ji , and I traveled to the artsy side of town. (It is actually Sei Ji's favorite part of London.) All in one spot you can see: Big Ben (the famous clock and tower), the Houses of Parliament, the London Eye, London Bridge, the Millennium Bridge, and the Waterloo Bridge, all surrounding the Thames River, and more! It's beautiful at night, and all right on the Thames!
(No fear! I have a tour scheduled for Sunday, and I'll have all the pics posted immediately Monday.)

It was a great networking night for me. But, like a doe-doe head, I left my business cards at home. ( My hands were on them as I left, but I thought it to be extra weight since the previous nights I had no need for them.) But, my error didn't stop the hustle. Daz introduced me to Dean Ricketts, who is the man. His peers call him the "puppet master." He's a marketing guy, who really is a agent of sorts. He's clever and observes people brilliantly. Then at the appropiate moment "he puts [them] together like LEGO-blocks, " as quoted from the UK editor of Trace magazine.
I also met Keven Davis, who is the manager/lawyer of Venus and Serena Williams, Ludacris, and others... (He has a huge list of clients. A lot of bragging rights, but he's not a bragger. He revealed his clientale as an example. He told me he liked my drive, and explained where he started from and where he is now is only because a similar drive that he has.)
He invited me to watch Venus' match today. He explained that since Venus doesn't travel with an entourage, there were plenty of extra tickets; and if I joined him and his son, he'd introduce me to James Blake's manager, Carlos. (This would be golden! I wanted to do a profile story on Blake and with the right connection I could set that up directly with him, instead of going throughout the ATP.)
Keven's son, Khalil is a filmmaker out of NY.
Well, I didn't make it to Wimbledon today. (I've been given false invites before, so I waited to hear from Keven before making the journey.) A few minutes before the match Keven called and asked if I were on the grounds. We had a mis-understanding which meant a missed opportunity for me. He thought I would be there regardless because I was covering the event. I explained that because of the World Cup, my attention is split.
No worries. I'm due to meet-up with the pair tomorrow evening; and I've still been promised a meeting with James Blake's manager and seats for a Venus match (,so long as she keeps winning. )

By the was a great come-back victory for Venus today. So sad I had to miss the match!
I stayed in for the night and watched some English teley. Its quite hilarious; I'm sure you can imagine.
Here are my favorites:
Big Brother.
It comes on everyday and night, with follow-up commentary shows. It's so addicting, and the cast of characters are so great, they are un-real. There is so much to say about each, and I recommend you go to You-Tube and watch some of the clips people have posted...though I think you must actually watch it in the UK for a couple of months to get it. (No wonder! They only need one reality show. And Oh, they really air the "f" word and other curse words when the houssemates say it.) The most entertaining housemate of them all is this spoiled brat named Nikki, who throws real life tantrums and is always cold. Here's a montage of her diary room rants...he he he:

Sugar Rush.
I liked this show when I could catch it. It's a coming out story of a young lesbian. It's a show named after a black girl "Sugar", and its a teeny-bop series. But, I think the overall appeal to me was how surprising raw this primetime show is:

And the commericals are so me as an American. Each one!...except for the beauty products. There are too many to choose. I'll put it on the assignment desk for The 3-Minute Review, and one day I'll get to it.

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