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Day 10
I don't know what everyone means when they speak of 'rainy London.'
"Are you enjoying our summer?" a English woman asks. "Yes! It reminds me of my childhood." and I move on.
You see, a warm, mid- 70's day, with sporadic breezes throughout, and almost 0% humidity, always remind of growing up in the LA county. And they are the happy times. The weather makes me smile and feel good.
So, I'm suddenly adventurous.
Looking around the newsroom, I'm bored. "This is for the birds," and I get up to leave the building.
I walk across the street to Carnaby St.: the little area made famous by The Beatles. Apparently, they hung out there in the 60's and left the mark as someplace where all the cool people hang.
(Check out all the motos and biker-gentleman near the pub. >>>>>>>>>>>>)
I walked aimlessly, without keeping track of my surroundings, and explored SOHO. (This place is no big deal...really. And, NOT the same as Soho, NYC.)
But, I am definitely ready to shop. I went back to the bureau, got my things and headed out.

Now here's the scoop on shopping the chains. Although, I'm told the markets are the spot for deals. I met Andrea Harry who did an extensive article on London shopping and the markets. (Andrea is a writer on the exchange program for a year; she'll return back to Atlanta in September.)
In the meantime, it seems as if my little pences are burning a hole in my pockets. I've heard all the ladies raving over a chain called Primark. And I visited 2 of them (, but there is at least a dozen in metro-London.)
You'll hear me claim H&M as the best chain for trends in the U.S.. I expected the same here in London, since this is its home after all. My research has shown me that your cash will be better spent at Primark.
Let me explain further: Go to your favorite high-end department store for the staples (a good wool coat. the perfect-fit jean. the professional slack.) But, to play with fashion without going broke, you'll get a good quality, with the newest cut, straight from THIS season's runways, and the best prices, from the following stores: H&M in the U.S. and Primark in the U.K.

I had fun shopping, and I can't wait for the markets tomorrow!

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