Markets are Crashed

DAY 11
Today is the day for shopping! Finally...I've waited so long!

First stop: Camden Town
I made my way down to the 31 bus, which will take me to the 2 markets I have on my agenda. I've heard wonderful things about Camden Town, ss I set out for that first. Leaving promtly at 11am, it was a bright-sunny day, and I was prepared to spend my pounds for some great finds.

I walked up and down the streets and alleys. (It reminded me of the garment district or the 'Alley' in L.A., but on steroids.)

I wasn't that impressed. I found some cute dresses and blouses, but they only make them one size. (And I am no longer that "one size", if you know what I mean.) So I bounced...

On to the Portobello Road Market.
Now this is a typical market scene; and frankly, more appealing for my sights. It was nicely divided in sections, from antiques, to fresh foods, vintage clothing and the latest trends, some set up in boutiques and others on the roadside kiosks. I liked the market, and refer it as my favorite of the two.
After 5 hours in the blazing London sun, I called it quits and headed back to the bus-stop.
I was astonished, just as you maybe...I left with nothing. I had not made a purchase all day. There was simply nothing that suited me. I made several almost buys...but, I've learned to control my habit by this rule: "If I don't love it...then don't buy it."
I was exhausted. The sun drained me. I took a nap for an hour, then headed to the studio for some press interviews; I had to do 4. (Wow! Its unusual to be the guest or interviewee; but, it's been fun!)

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