Remeber: 7/7

Day 17

Though I missed the 4th of July celebrations here in the UK, this day is one full of sad memories for Londoners, and was very much remembered.
Today marks the 1st anniversary of the terrorist attacks last summer (2005) on London's mass transit system. During the morning rush hour 3 different bombs exploded, almost simultaneously, on 3 different tube lines--Liverpool Street to Aldgate on the Circle Line, King's Cross to Russell Square on the Piccadilly Line and Edgware Road on the Circle Line. Also moments later a bus at Tavistock Square was attacked.

As you know from my posts, the transit system in London is just as vital as in NYC. So, the attacks were strategic and affected thousands.
It was devastating, and still loomed over the community. (It very much reminded me of New York City, post 9/11; I visited only 3 months after the 2001 attacks. You can't help but make the comparison.)
In addition, I couldn't help but think how easy I could've been a victim as I ride the same tube lines at the same locations on the same day, only 1 year later.

There were memorials all day. So affected, I pulled out my camera, blended in with the media, and created the following at the Edgware Road tube station:

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