Paper Dolls

My paper dolls this week are Kate Middleton, Reese Witherspoon and Lauren Conrad. In real life these ladies do not need me to put together their New Year's looks, but I had a lot of fun pretending to style them!

I visited to select pieces that I could envision each celebrity wearing to a New Year's Eve soiree. 

I love the classic and feminine designs Reese chooses for dress-up occasions, and I love the sophisticated and fresh looks that Kate has donned this past year. 
With that in mind I chose an ivory cocktail dress for Reese and I put Kate in a green jumpsuit. I envy how Lauren Conrad exudes that laid-back-but-glamorous California girl vibe so I thought the fun metallic mini skirt
with colorful accessories worked for her.

my Reese Witherspoon look

my Kate Middleton look

my Lauren Conrad look

As fun as it was to pretend, I can't wait to see photos of what
they really wear this weekend! Cheers!


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