Travel Daily Tip: Take Advantage of the Spa

I have been doing myself a disservice all of these years when I travel because....

I never take advantage of the spa service.

Granted, some trips lend to this more than others. 
For example, it's not necessary to book a spa service for outdoor and do something trips.

But what about in-town getaways or staycations? 
What about places you go in the off-season and they have bad weather? 
What about casinos? 
What about resorts?

For all of those situations  book a spa service: a massage, a mani/pedi, a facial, etc.

And the secret is that most "vacation" or "destination" spas will give you an extra perk with your paid service. (Pssst...and if they don't offer it, ask them "Are there any complimentary services today?")

My favorite (and first) experience of this was at the Immersion Spa at the Borgata Hotel in Atlantic City. With the purchase of my massage, I got access to the spa all day. What that meant was access to the steam room, hot and ice tub and pool. I certainly took advantage of the hot tub!

Memories of my spa day at the Borgata.
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