Fashion: Collars - The new necklace!

I came across a great idea on Pinterest. 
Have you ever worn a collar instead of a necklace?

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This is adorable! I would wear this with a strapless dress or a t-shirt and jeans.

This style looks more like a necklace but gives you a unique flair!

 These were some of my favorites. And you can try to wear these to the office and kill them in the board room.

I love the designs. My next project is to try this at home. 


Save your old collared shirts, (or go to the thrift store and buy some cheapie shirts with collars), cut them off, and bedazzle them! 

What do you think? Will you try it?


  1. These are great and fun way to spice up any outfit and a wine DYI project with friends.

  2. Never thought about wearing a collar instead of a necklace. Very unique ideal.

  3. Very cute. This is something I would wear 😩

  4. Thank you guys! I love the wine and DIY project party with friends!

  5. I'm obsessed with this idea!


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