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Fashion: Television Trendsetters

Watching television just got exciting again. 
Carrie Brandshaw watch out! 
Because Scandal's Olivia Pope's is fierce.
One of the reasons I watch is to see what she's going to wear!

Check out some of my favorite looks!
The key to this look here, btw, is Olivia Pope accessorizing with gloves. 
Get the look for only $20!
May&Maya Women's Pleated Wrist Premium Leather Winter Gloves White Size M

Olivia Pope is stunning in this black and white. We all look forward to her White House dinners to see what gowns she will be wearing! 
Check out the steal on these black and white gowns, here.
I absolutely love this coat she wore in season 3. 
Get the white trench coat look here

She even made jogging look stylist.
Get the look here for $35 bucks.

One of my other favorite shows is "Single Ladies" on VH1. 

Raquel (2nd from left) introduced the long tulle skirt this season on Single Ladies. I love the jacket but I think I'm going to wear mine with a tank top this summer. 
Why don't you try the tulle skirt look for only $12?
This look has become very popular and is being sold online at batchplease.com

 What is you favorite look? Let us know and we'll post it here!


  1. AS a fan of Scandal, and everything Olivia Pope, I concur!

  2. You can actually find that jogging suit at Nike.

    1. http://shopnycdaily.com/2013/05/scandal-style-olivia-popes-white-athletic-jacket/
      You can also find the exact same jacket here!

    2. Lululemon yoga and workout attire.

    3. Yes, because that is not a $35 Velour jumpsuit she is wearing. lol, not the same!

    4. LOL, it's an inexpensive option.

  3. I was so mad when they cancelled Single Ladies. I love Raquels boutique!! I thought about rocking the Tulle skirt.

    1. Me too, but I think BET picked it up for another season. So, we get to enjoy more of Indulgence Boutique!

  4. Black and white Olivia Pope outfits were my favorite.

  5. I like Kesha's looks. Volumptous woman.

  6. Very nice looks! I love Olivia's coats!

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