Mens Trends: The Best Pick Up Line

My male friends often ask me the best way to approach a lady, especially in social situations, like a cookout or a wedding.

I seems weird, but the older men are, the harder it is for them to make the approach. It's not just the rejection factor. It seems that the invincible disposition they had in their youth slowly trades place with a little more self consciousness.
I Know! Can you believe it?

It is, indeed, still intimidating for a man over the age of 30 to approach a gaggle of women.
But it can, and still should be done.

But Ladies, I'll give you a tip first... to increase your chances for the man's approach to be focused on you.

It's my favorite tip, especially if you get stuck going out with more than one other girl. Even a group of three may be too much or overwhelming for men. Break away from the group, walk around the place, make some eye contact with a smile, and then rejoin your gals. (Your lap can even be just sneaking off to the restroom by your self!)

That is really all it takes! If he is interested, he saw you. He'll figure it out from there. Just keep a pleasant disposition, and have fun with your girls.

Now for the MEN:

It would, indeed, be much easier if the ladies took my advice above...but that isn't always the case.

Still, if you see something you like and she is in a gaggle of women, all you have to do is simply say "hello."


Simplicity works. Pick up lines don't. 

Your worst nightmare of being laughed at when you leave will indeed be realized when you try a line.
All you have to do is approach the group with a smile, tell them how lovely they all look, and that you just wanted to come up and say that. And for the one you have your eye on, just give her an extra compliment.

If the girls want you to hang around, they'll continue the conversation. So the only other pressure you have from that point is to seal the deal with the doll you want.

If they are unamused, then that's your cue to say "enjoy your night" and leave.

No harm.
No foul.
No picking up your face off the ground!

Got a tip? Let us know and we'll post it here!


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