Real Life: Never Quit...and Here's How

Timing is everything...
Dr. Yolanda Bruce Brooks, Founder and Principal at The Sports Life Transitions Institute

That's what I thought when I heard a quote by a very successful woman in sports.
I heard her words, and immediately became more curious about her and her journey.

 has carved out a unique career in professional sports.
On LinkedIn she wrote this simple statement
Despite the challenges you may face, never quit if it is something you strongly desire and aspire to achieve. I'm proof of that! 
And it just hit home with me.
I became curious about her and looked up her bio.
Wow! She was Senior Director of Player Development for the National Basketball Association, and did work with the NFL. And she said she never looked for these things, career-wise, it just came to her.
Check out this video:

I love her message about being excellent. 
Work on being great at your passion, and people will be drawn to you.
This I truly believe. It may be super scary, and sometimes the road isn't clear, but your soul will not lead you astray.

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