Men: 15 Table Manner Rules for Gentlemen

Here are our list of top 15 table manner rules for men!

If you want to be considered a gentlemen at the dinner table I strongly suggest you follow these rules!
Following these rules will result in success in your personal life and business life. The dinner table is where deals are sealed and relationships start. It's one of the last intimate frontiers for the average man.

Rule 1:
For all the cell phone addicts, this may surprise you! But please turn off your phones! Its rude to text or sit on your phone while at the dinner table, especially if you're on a date!

Rule 2:

If you are having dinner with a partner, pull out their chair and let them sit down first. You will score major points for this one!

Rule 3:

Once you are seated, immediately put your napkin in your lap.

Rule 4:
Don't be confused by multiple eating utensils. Remember this simple rule, start from the outside and work your way toward your plate. Here are some tips on what to eat with what.
  • Smallest fork: eating seafood (not shown below)
  • Next smallest fork: eating salad
  • Biggest fork: save this for dinner
  • Small spoon: for coffee
  • Big spoon: for soup
This diagram should help,

Rule 5:
Wait to see if everyone starts eating or if grace is going to be said first. You don't want to be caught with a mouth full of food while everyone else is about to bow their heads.

Rule 6:
Keep your elbows off the table!!!

Rule 7:
Be mindful of your manners and say please when asking someone to hand you a dish.

Rule 8:
If you are not at dinner with family or good friends, do not try to taste everyone's food.

Rule 9:

When eating bread and you want butter, place a pat of butter on your roll plate. When you butter your bread just cut off a small piece at a time and butter individually. Repeat.

Rule 10:
Do not eat too fast! We are all guilty of this especially if the food is good. But this doesn't allow for good conversation. It's best to match the pace of your dinning companions.

Rule 11:
I hope everyone already knows this one! Please don't chew with your mouth open. It's disgusting.

Rule 12:
If you have a stash or a beard, please try your best to avoid any food, crumbs, sauces, juices, or whatever from getting on your man-hood. 

Rule 13:
When you find a hair in your food it's always annoying and disgusting, but it happens. Don't make a scene, just quietly let the waiter know. If you are at a friends home, just quietly remove it.

Rule 14:
Before taking the last turkey slider at the table, kindly ask if anyone else at the table would like some.

Rule 15:
Please keep all your unappetizing stories away from the dinner table. Don't share your story about how the last time you ate calamari, you had the worst  diarrhea. That can ruin a meal!

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