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Why you should be sending handwritten letters

I think we can all agree that the internet, while an excellent tool for many things, has definitely been responsible for the decline of the handwritten note. It's so easy to send a quick text or email that most of us now defer to that method of communication. 

The handwritten letter is becoming known as a long lost art - but did you know that taking the time to do so sets you apart from the crowd? Here's how:

1) Most people still report that they enjoy getting mail. A handwritten note from you amongst useless fliers and a pile of bills just might make someone's day.

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2) A handwritten letter shows the receiver (whether personal or business) that you put time and thought into the letter - essentially, that it mattered enough to you to make it extra special.

3) Handwritten letters are more likely to be saved - and resurrected years later for additional enjoyment. I recently found correspondence between my grandfather and my dad among my father's belongings. Having lost him just last year, seeing his handwriting, reading his words - all of it made me feel close to him. 

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