6 Tips To Travel Like A Baller

There’s nothing to make you feel like a baller than luxury travel.

That first class feeling can be achieved on your travels, whether you’re living on a champagne or a beer budget. Treat yourself to the trip of a lifetime with these tips for top class travel. 

  1. Check out the airline lounge. You don’t have to be a VIP to use the airline lounge when you fly instead of the general waiting area. Many of these waiting areas have a daily fee to gain access, which can actually be well worth it. Relax in comfier chairs, abuse the Wifi, and make good use of the free food and open bar. You’ll feel like a celebrity in no time. If you don’t fancy paying the fee, look into airline memberships. If you fly a lot, the perks may be well worth the fee and get you access to the lounge. Some credit cards also earn points that can be used with airlines to get into the lounge too. 
  2. Travel in the off season. Peak season travel is a lot more expensive and a lot busier. If you travel at quieter times of year, you’ll have more option to book better seats on your flight and better rooms at the hotel, as there’ll be less competition. As it’s quieter, you’ve also more chance of being upgraded, for that baller travel life. 
  3. Charter a flight. Commercial flights are becoming more expensive and less enjoyable, as airlines crank up the charges for every extra and squeeze more seats into their planes. Charter flights, however, are much quieter, have better amenities on board and are overall a much more pleasant experience. If you want the private jet life but don’t have the budget, look into empty leg flights. These are flights available at a much lower cost, when the charter plane is repositioning, such as returning to a base airport. 
  4. Get off the beaten track a little. More popular destinations are always going to be more expensive, but there are many luxurious destinations that are less popular with tourists. Visit an emerging destination and get a fancier place to stay for a much lower price. You can also feel smug knowing you’re not following the crowds and are visiting somewhere new. 
  5. Instead of a hotel, rent an apartment. You can get a luxury feel by renting an amazing space all to yourself, for often a better price than staying in an expensive hotel. A good trick is to look at a map of the area you want to stay and find where there’s a cluster of four and five star hotels.Choose a rental apartment to stay in that is in this area and you’re more likely to find a high-end place to stay. 
  6. If you’re renting a car, go early in the day and you might be luck for an upgrade. Most renters return their cars later in the day, so if you go early, there are lucky to be less cars available. Regardless of what you hired, they need to send you away in something, and you just might find it’s a much fancier car than you paid for. 

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