Head Far East For A Far Out Trip

If you want to immerse yourself in a new culture, radically different from your own, and you yearn to meet interesting people, then traveling to the Far East could be just what you’re looking for.
From Japan to Malaysia, the Far East has incredible destinations that have so much to offer the ardent globe trotter. If you are eager to see new vistas and really immerse yourself within the heart of a nation, an extended trip might be worthwhile. This way, you can hit more than one country, and you can go off the beaten track to see the jewels that other tourists don’t get a chance to.

If you are a newbie to the Far East, the Land of the Rising Sun can be the perfect first port of call. For culture vultures, you have the wonderful temples of Kyoto, the authentic grassho-style house town of Shirakawago, and the amazing old streets of Kanazawa. For the person who loves the outdoors, you could head to one of the many national parks, or you could attempt to scale Mount Fuji. And for those people who crave even more, the beautiful island of Miyajima is well worth a visit.

For a monocultural society, Japan is tolerant, kind and appreciative to the tourist industry. If you are lost on the streets of Tokyo, many Japanese people will head towards you and offer to help in near perfect English. Navigating the metro systems is a breeze, and you will get the chance to experience the super speedy bullet trains. Japan isn’t cheap, but it is worth the experience. You could choose to stay in the larger cities of Tokyo and Kyoto, or you could choose to go more rural to the temple laden village of Kamakura.

For foodies, Japan is a hotpot of incredible flavors and tastes. Perfect for seafood lovers sushi, sashimi and ramen are spicy and delicious. Every region of the country has its own recipes, so it’s always well worth trying the tonkatsu in Osaka as well as Sapporo.

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With one of the greatest land masses in the world, China is a mixture of rural creativity and grand cities. You could choose to tour as much of the country as you can over a few months, and still you’d see a fraction of the destination. You can start with Beijing, and sample the delights of this modern city. Or head to Tiananmen Square, check out the Forbidden City and scale the Great Wall.

China provides much for the food lover, the city dweller and the outdoors pursuit enthusiast. You could venture to one of the most beautiful Buddhas carved into the mountains at Leshan one day and then take a fast train to Hong Kong the next. The contrasts within one country are arguably the greatest within China. For a more sedate experience, Suzhou is a stunning water town that can make for a less busy base than Shanghai.

If you head to Malaysia, your first port of call should be the capital. From here, you can base yourself in a condominium in Kuala Lumpur   and tour from this property, especially if you are planning to stay for longer than a couple of weeks. This can be cheaper, and give you more freedom than staying at a hotel. You can also find a more regular dwelling makes traveling less stressful.

You could head to the Petronas Towers and marvel at the views of the cosmopolitan city. Or perhaps you’d rather head to the colorful Chinatown. Here, you can pick up Chinese medicine for your ailments, some incredible street food (if you dare), or some souvenirs for home. Bartering is the order of the day which can be a whole lot of fun and show you the real pace of Malaysian life. Or maybe, you would like to head to the Batu Caves. This Hindu temple and caves is north of Kuala Lumpur, and is stunning with gold deities adorning large caverns and rock formations. Just like every other nation in the Far East, Malaysia and its capital has something to offer every traveler.

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