How-to Make the Most of a Rained-Out Camping Trip

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Is there anything worse than a rained-out vacation?
You’ve spent time planning fun days out, you’ve packed bikinis and swimwear, you’ve been working on your beach body for months, and then, it rains the whole time you are away. Suddenly, you are stuck indoors. You are looking around for indoor activities and trying to keep your family or friends entertained when you are all feeling a little disappointed about the weather. Well, yes, there is one thing worse. A washed-out camping trip. 

At least if you are staying in a hotel or lodge, you’ve got walls to keep you safe and dry, no matter how bad the weather might get. In a tent, you risk water coming in from all angles, the floors might become wet, you have nowhere to dry washing, and if there are harsh winds, there might be a very real danger that your tent won’t make it. So, what do you do? Well, you make the best of it, that’s what!

Invest in Some Gadgets
One of the best things about a camping trip is getting back out into nature, and away from digital devices. But modern gadgets and tools can also enhance your trip. You should still enjoy a bit of a social media break and spend more quality time with your family, but adding a few gadgets can help you to enjoy your trip, and give you some extra protection and entertainment if the weather is poor. A magnesium fire starter is a great start so that you can always light a fire, even in the worst weather.

Keep Warm
Before any camping trip, you should pack extra layers of clothes, blankets, and waterproof shoes. Then, as long as you stay safe, you shouldn’t be afraid to get out in the rain. A little water never hurt anyone, and some muddy exploring can be great fun, especially if you are traveling with children. If there is a chance of getting muddy, you might want to invest in a camping washer, or at least make sure you are staying near a place where you can shower and rinse off. 

Go Old School

One of the problems with modern technology is that we’ve grown to rely on it. We’ve forgotten how to be bored. We don’t know how to entertain ourselves and can’t handle being bored for even a short amount of time. And our children are even more impatient. 

Always pack some board games and a deck of cards for your trip. So if there’s a time when you’ve got nothing to do, you can pull out the games for some family fun. Encourage your kids to play pretend, or old fashioned games like eye-spy.  

Book into a Hotel
If it’s really awful, and your tent is unsafe, then pack everything up and book into a hotel for a night. Just chalk it up to adventure and play it by ear. You may be able to head back to your campsite the next day.

Keep Things Tidy
If there’s a few of you staying in a small tent for more than a few days, things can quickly get messy. When the weather is poor, and you are trying to keep things dry, a mess can hinder your efforts. Make an effort to keep things tidy as you go along, and it could make things much easier to cope. 

Try to See the Funny Side
It’s easy to get bogged down with the negatives. You might think about the money that you have wasted or the time off work that you’ve taken. You might wish you’d booked a different date or location or spend time thinking of all of the things you wish that you could do. Don’t think that way! Try to see the funny side of the situation. You’ll be able to dry everything when you get home, and now you have a story to share for the ages!

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