Real Life Daily Tip: Taking a Good Selfie

Brittany Begley
"Glamtastic Selfie"
I love to take selfies.  Of course, I'm only admitting it because my friend Dayvee Sutton is making me. (She wanted me to write a blog entitled, "How to take the Perfect Selfie" for her website,  And I guess if I'm willing to post a "hospital selfie", then I may in fact be an expert.  (Everyone needs pity points every now and again, right?!)
Hospital selfie
Hospital selfie
I'll admit, not all my selfies turn out perfectly, but as my Mother always says, " You take 100 photos to get one really good one".  So grab your fake eyelashes, bust out your best "Texas Hair-Do" and let's get started!
"Professional Selfie"
Choose a well-lit area.  I love an area with white space behind.  Good lighting and a nice solid background will give you a more "professional look."  I also love the car too (parked of course).  But no matter where you take it, make sure it has great lighting and is clutter free. Nothing screams "rookie" like a beautiful selfie in a messy room.  In fact, it screams, "stop taking selfies and start cleaning your house!" 
"Full Body" Selfie
  • Want a full body selfie?  Push your hip out on the same side that you're holding the camera.  That way, the camera won't add ten pounds!
Strike a pose- Turn your camera around and try different poses. This way you won't be stuck with just your "duck face" pose. (My husband always calls me out on my "duck face" selfies.)  I like to hold my camera slightly higher than my face for the perfect selfie. 
"Duck Face" Selfie
"Duck Face" Selfie
Photo Magic- Instagram
Don't be afraid to use a filter on Instagram!  It's not cheating - I swear!  I love to start with this button.
It fixes the lighting if you had any problems.
Next, pick a filter.
20140123-224951.jpg 20140123-224945.jpg20140123-224937.jpg
One picture, many different looks!
So what are you waiting for?! As Madonna would say, "Don't just stand there, let's get to it, strike a pose, there's nothing to it." I'm excited to see your hottest selfie ever! Tweet me at @BrittanyBegley and I'll add your selfie to this blog post!
Brittany Begley

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